• 01After sales service team

    Guangshengde has more than ten years of maintenance experience after-sales service team. The customer satisfaction reached 96%. All guangshengde promises: "customer satisfaction must reach over 98%, fully guarantee the normal production of customers and improve the production efficiency of customers." we strive to build the after-sales service department of guangshengde into a strong team of senior technicians and senior training lecturers for equipment maintenance.

  • 02After sales service equipment
    Guangshengde company is equipped with four special vehicles for after-sales service in South China, and four drivers. They are ready to go, so as to ensure the normal production of customers, put the urgent needs of customers first, and strive to build a good international brand of guangshengde.
  • 03Product service efficiency
    Rush to the customer's site at the first time to ensure the normal production of customers. It is strictly forbidden to delay the normal production of customers by taking other means of transportation. Otherwise, relevant personnel shall be punished accordingly. In the training of customer operation and maintenance cooperation degree, the complaint rate is almost zero, customer satisfaction reached 96%. This also fully proves that guangshengde's after-sales service system is correct!
  • 04After sales service quality
    The information age is about speed. If the speed can't catch up, there will be no good service. The after-sales service personnel must first customize the fastest flight of the day and rush to the customer's site at the first time to ensure the normal production of customers. Guangshengde has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with China Southern Airlines, and now it is a VIP customer of China Southern Airlines. Flight delay will never become an excuse given to customers by guangshengde after-sales service team.
  • 05Complaint mode
    1. Telephone: contact the relevant sales staff or call 0563-2251668
    2. Mail drop: gsd06@sz-gsd.com